september plan-o-gramMaryland Lottery plan-o-grams are visual plans that designate a recommended placement of scratch-off tickets in a retailer setting. Each plan-o-gram is a guide to help retailers increase product turnover and achieve their full potential by:

  • Visually demonstrating the most effective way to display merchandise.
  • Ensuring sufficient inventory for higher sales of specialty games by using multiple facings where possible.
  • Ensuring a successful balance of games within each price point.
  • Promoting new products.

This page will be updated monthly with new plan-o-grams for retailers to follow. The plan-o-grams below are based on a 24-bin display. Stores with less than 24 bins should display featured and core games first.

Have a question about how to use plan-o-grams in your store? Contact your Lottery district sales manager.