Lottery In Motion

Lottery In Motion (LIM) is a digital signage vehicle powered by Scientific Games and used by the Lottery to display messaging at every retailer location across the state. LIM captures customer interest and brings attention to promotions and product information. The use of digital signage allows advertising to be sent to retail locations instantaneously for highest impact.

Messaging is shown on LIM including jackpot awareness, winner awareness, brand awareness, responsible gambling awareness, as well as statewide alerts.

National data indicates:

  • 1-in-10 shoppers will watch messaging.
  • 10-20% average sales increase at locations with a LIM monitor.

Arbitron studies show:

  • 30% of people who watched in store video made unplanned purchases.
  • 42% of consumers prefer to shop in a store with digital signs.

LIM configuration consists of 20” High Definition widescreen monitor that is directly connected to the Lottery counter terminal.