Expanded Cashing Authority Program


INTERESTED IN becoming an Expanded Cashing Authority Program (XCAP) retailer? Great! In Fiscal Year 2022, an elite group of 435 of our 4,354 retailers qualified for XCAP status.

An XCAP retailer can pay Lottery winnings up to $5,000, which attracts players wishing to claim prizes of $601 to $5,000. As an XCAP retailer, you will earn additional money from cashing higher-tier tickets — 3 percent of all tickets cashed.



    • Be in good standing with the Lottery for the previous 12 months.
    • Use a separate bank account for Lottery transactions.
    • Sell all Lottery games: instant tickets (minimum of 24 facings), monitor games and draw games.
    • Have average 13-week Lottery sales that are twice the average Lottery sales of the 10 closest Lottery retailers.retailer envelope
    • Keep your location ADA-compliant.
    • Submit claims via your Lottery retailer terminal. Mail claim receipts monthly to the Lottery in envelopes provided by district sales managers so the Lottery can process winners’ W2-G forms. Be sure to write your store name, retailer store number, month and year of claim receipts on the top left side of the envelope as shown in the photo.

If you fail to comply with one of these requirements, we may temporarily suspend your XCAP privileges. Repeated violations may result in removal of your XCAP status and may lead to revocation of your Maryland Lottery retailer license.

Want to become an XCAP retailer? Please fill out an online application. Questions? Talk with your district manager during his or her next visit.

Current XCAP Retailers