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gemRetailer: Login


GemRetailer log in screenshotOUR gemRETAILER web-based reporting system puts you in the driver’s seat with easy access to your store’s data. You can look at reports based on your Lottery sales, scratch-off inventory and more to better manage your business.

The reports and analyses in gemRetailer are not the same reports available at your Lottery terminal for daily and weekly inquiries. For example, here are some of the reports you can access through gemRetailer:

  • 13-week average or total weekly average for all game sales.
  • Weekly scratch-off sales.
  • Settled scratch-off packs.
  • Winning tickets of $1,000 and up sold at your store.
  • Weekly invoices.


You access your gemRetailer account using your gemRetailer username, which is “R” followed by your eight-digit retailer number (ex. R12345678), and your password. If you need your account number or you need your password reset for your account, please contact Fred Masterson, Director of Sales Force Automation, by email at fred.masterson@maryland.govBe sure to include your retailer number in your email to him.