SalesMaker is a visual merchandising initiative brought to you by the Maryland Lottery and Scientific Games Corporation. Proven to boost sales, the initiative effectively maximizes available space in retail locations to help drive player purchases and revenue.

Brand awareness, scratch-off presentation and effective placement of promotional material are key to the success of the initiative. Revolving around the merchandising of instant tickets is winner awareness, Lottery play areas for the customer and information centers to effectively display point-of-sale pieces plus a strong exterior presence to promote the Lottery brand.

While enrolled in the program, retail locations will undergo internal and external makeovers to support sales.

Upon enrollment, Lottery officials will discuss multiple sales strategies including:

  • Installing exclusive SalesMaker POS and displays
  • Allocating space for a Lottery information center
  • Adding or moving scratch-off dispensers
  • Implementing “ask for the sale” and 2nd chance drawing incentives
  • Much more

Maximize the profitability of your space by enrolling in the SalesMaker program. Locations within the program have outperformed sales expectations by over 4%.

Ready to enroll? Schedule an appointment with your Maryland Lottery District Manager today.

Before SalesMaker:

Pantry 1 Food Mart - Before_web

After SalesMaker:

Pantry 1 Food Mart - After